Mar 14, 2010

Eclectic Menagerie Park

Armadillo by Finijo

Texas Pipe & Supply is just off 288 South past Almeda Road. The business has sponsored this sculpture park since 1999. The website for the business says the sculptures are done by "a local artist," but they don't list the artist by name.
Long Armadillo by Finijo

My favorite piece is the armadillo. The artist used such incredible detail on this piece from the plates on its back to the expression on the armadillo's face. The statues in this park are on a grand scale and remind me of the roadside attractions that used to be so prevalent when we were kids.
Roadrunner by Finijo

There is a variety of sculpture from animals and insects to rockets and air planes. The picture above depects the roadrunner, a spider and a rocket.
Three Cows by Finijo

Next to a load of pipe is one of the more colorful additions to the park. The three cows on the raised platform look like art cows.
Grasshopper by Finijo

This is a zebra striped grasshopper with a white rhinor and an eagle in the background. I think the reason I enjoy seeing this odd menagerie so much is because it is just so "Texas." You can find odd roadside attractions all over America, but the scale of this project is grand enough to fill the wide open spaces that are Texas.

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