Feb 6, 2010

Daniel Anguilu

Jungle photo by Finijo

I have been taking a lot of photos of the art around Houston's streets over the last few years, and I have found many great artists. Daniel Anguilu's aerosol murals are some of the best I have seen in Houston. Anguilu started as a graffiti artist, but has moved far beyond that beginning with a style that transcends graffiti and puts him into the realm of a fine artist.
Bridge photo by Finijo

I started to notice his work all over Midtown, Montrose, and the East End, and I am compelled to photograph his work wherever I find it. I am struck by the themes in his work as much as his style of painting. I am fascinated by his juxtaposition of the urban scenes built into the animals he paints.

Bridge by Nouveau photo by Finijo

Anguilu uses angular and organic forms to construct the animals in his aerosol murals. In one video made about him, he mentioned an Aztec influence. All of the elements he uses make his style unique and easy to recognize. I am posting a few of his murals here, but there are many more around the city that I haven't had the chance to shoot - yet.

El Derecha De Vivir En Paz photo by Finijo

While driving in Midtown I found this mural on the side of A & S Automotive Repair. I stopped to take pictures and a mechanic came out to talk to me. He handed me a post card for The Next Door Art Gallery showing Daniel Anguilu and advertising his show on January 21, 2010. I was crestfallen when I realized that I had missed the show by three week.

Survivor photo by Finijo

I don't actually know the name of his murals, but I tried to pull the names off of articles on the Internet or from the captions he sometimes includes in his work. This mural (found on the other side of A & S Automotive Repair) has a breast cancer ribbon and depicts what seems to me to be phoenix. There are links below for articles and video talking about this incredible artist and his work.




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