Feb 27, 2009

Current TV

Several years ago I discovered a cable TV channel (TRIO) that I really enjoyed. It had great content, documentaries, original programming, and it made me think. When that channel disappeared off of my dial, I thought I was out of luck for interesting TV (except of course for the dramas on FX), until recently when I discovered Current TV. I remember hearing about an Al Gore backed TV channel, but I never really watched it until a few weeks ago. Now, it is one of the few channels that I view with any regularity. I really like their Vanguard series and the fact that the channel promotes green living, green businesses, and a world culture, rather than the typical consumerism and capitalism that we usually see on TV.
If you get a chance, check it out. Current TV has documentaries, music videos, interviews, news, and a lot of original programming that I think is worth viewing. It's very fast paced programming, and the shows and news on Current TV are interactive and integrated with the Internet. I think the programming on Current will appeal to people who are used to multitasking and used to the Internet. I can see how watching this channel would be difficult for people who have not spent a considerable time using computers, because there is a manic quality built into the presentation of the shows and content. The only thing I have found disappointing is that whenever I try to use the website, my computer slows to almost a halt. I'm sure it's the fact that my computer is several years old, but it's still frustrating.

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