Feb 15, 2009


Marilyn, Connor, and I drove up to Austin today to visit Dave. It was Connor's birthday trip and it served multiple purposes. We got to see Dave and his dorm room, Connor got to tour the campus and be inspired to work harder in school, and I got a really cool trip down memory lane. I exited the University of Texas Campus many years ago after not exactly fulfilling my scholarly duty (or potential). I have been back on campus several times since then, but not back in my old dorm, where David now resides. That was pretty cool. He is one floor and one room down from my old room. I would have liked to visit the old room, but we did a lot of walking and talking on this trip, so there really wasn't time. The dorm now has security measures in place that seem like no brainers, but were definitely not present when I attended. Pretty much anyone could access the dorm back in the day, and I guess things have changed a lot. Even though UT had the tower sniper, Charles Whitman, killed 14 people and injured 32 in 1966, campus security was relatively lax while I attended school there. Now, the dorm is locked down, each floor is locked down and security seems to be a priority, which is reassuring and also a little sad, I suppose.

We had a great day, and hope to get back up there for another visit soon. Thank you, Dave for the tour and a a fun day.

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