Jan 6, 2009

Jay Marion Hendrix Art Opening

Lady Fish by Jay Marion Hendrix (photo by Finijo)

Dave and I went to Little Barnaby's tonight for Jay's art opening, titled "Ladies." His paintings will be hanging in the original Barnaby's for the next few weeks.
Lady Curiosity by Jay Marion Hendrix (photo by Finijo)

I liked this painting the most, because of the suspicious look in her eyes and her sassy hat. Jay has a very whimsical artistic style. He says, "I've been told they are COLORFUL!" That would be a very accurate statement.
Lady Elegance by Jay Marion (photo by Finijo)
Jay comes from New Orleans, and I get the feeling from his paintings that he exudes that Mardi Gras spirit all year round! Thank you for the invite, Jay, and congratulations on selling all of your paintings before the opening was even over.


Tiffany said...

Do you ahve contact information for Jay Marion Hendrix?

finijo said...

Sorry, I do not have any contact info. The last time I saw him was at his opening. I am hoping he is well and happy wherever he is.