Sep 2, 2008

Twas the Night Before Gustav

Galveston Gustav Dusk by Finijo

We went to Galveston the night before Hurricane Gustav was due to hit and in the course of 15 minutes saw the dusk fall and got of a few pretty good shots. I stood out in the ocean to get this shot. I am facing the beach and looking towards the West end of the island.
Ripple Effect by Finijo
We crossed the foot bridge going to Jamaica Beach and just over the dune we watched the sunset and felt blessed to be in the midst of such a beautiful dusk. We were worried about what would be left after Gustav Hit, but were pleased when it landed well away from Galveston.

Rickety by Finijo
I guess we could not imagine that the next Hurricane, Ike, would wipe out just about everything. This bridge, needless to say, is no longer standing. In some ways I feel like Gustav was a bit of foreshadowing for the Gulf Coast and even for me. Many of the things I thought were strong and functional before these pictures were taken, have since proven to be less functional than previously believed and unable to stand the test of time.

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