Sep 23, 2008

Porky Rescue

Give Up by Finijo

About a week after the storm, we went to Kim Son downtown to get something to eat and I noticed this gorilla art on the side of the Cadillac Liquor Store. I really liked the morose irony of the message and the placement.
Rescue Porky by Finijo
While shooting the grafitti, we noticed this skinny black dog wandering way too close to the freeway. I called him and he came and we put him in the car and took home a victim of Hurricane Ike. We took him to the vet and have been treating him and taking care of him and looking for a good home for him. He goes by the name of Porky McLardass and he is sweet and LOVES people (and is fascinated by cats). If you know of anywone who is looking for a wonderful dog who NEEDS love and attention - please, let us know.

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