Sep 21, 2008

The Aftermath of Ike

Tree Knocks Down Tree by Finijo

Our most major damage was caused by one tree falling down. It took out our electricity and phone line, it damaged our pergola, and it knocked out one of our favorite trees. Some good came from the storm. I found out that I have friends who can be counted on to be there for us when things are really bad.
Downed Tree by Finijo
The tree that was knocked down by a tree we barely noticed before the storm, was the home to all of our squirrels. The squirrels have relocated to one of our three palm trees in the front yard and they are making a mess of the tree and the yard while they build their new nest.
Tree Cracks Pergola by Finijo

This is some footage Marilyn took of our backyard the morning after Hurricane Ike hit. Bear in mind, we are about 55 miles from the coast. Our neighborhood was without electricity for 3 days, but we were without for a week, because the line to our house was down.

Ike Aftermath by MEG

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