Sep 11, 2008

Frumpy Does Not Sell

Ugly Mannequin by Finijo

JC Penny's has the most unattractive mannequins hawking their plus size clothing that I have ever seen. The breast on these things are flat and sagging, as though they truly believe that fat women don't own bras.

Frumpy Mannequin by Finijo
This one is a blob. How do they expect fat women to want to buy their clothes when this is what they are telling us they will look like on? What the hell are they thinking? I have to say it - a skinny man designed these mannequins and another skinny man bought them for JC Penny's. What I really wanted to do was get a shot of them unclothed - I just didn't have the courage to look like a total perv undressing the mannequins that day. Next time...

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