Jul 13, 2008


Stinger III by Finijo

This thing has been menacing my home for a few days now. Buzzing around, acting angry - that's how he gets his kicks. He also seems strangely fond of lights that are on - but not so fond of being whacked by the ceiling fan. This is not what you would call a bright bug.
Stinger Light by Finijo
It lurks, then it comes out and drives the cats mad. I have concerns that they will pounce on it and get stung, but then I'm a little curious about how they would react should that happen. It seems that cats should have some inner mechanism that keeps them from getting hurt in that situation.
Stinger Light II by Finijo
I finally managed to scoop him up in a cup and get him out the door, but I still don't know what it is. Anyone got a clue for me? Whatever he is, he did not enjoy being held in a cup, and he protested very loudly.

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