Jul 15, 2008

Healing Stones

I was home sick today and generally felt like caca. I went out this evening to find dinner and ended up at Whole Foods. While eating my dinner there, I met a woman who was wearing the most interesting jewelry. She said it was labradorite and that she worked with a PhD therapist who could "talk to the stones." We had a lengthy conversation about the healing properties of stones and "stone elixirs" she used to make. She described the elixir process as "submerging the healing stone in purified water, then add other ingredients and either vodka or brandy." She says each stone has a different healing property, but I couldn't help but think that perhaps the healing was from the vodka or brandy. I shot this footage of the aquarium at Whole Foods,and I think the sight of fish swimming probably has more of a healing property than the stones we discussed.

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