Jun 17, 2008

Weekend Photo Shoot

Wheel of Fortune by Finijo

I got restless Saturday night and went out to take some pictures. I found myself all over the place. This shot was taken at a Mexican Carnival in Southwest Houston. I snuck in through a crack between the 18 Wheelers and the rides.
Fountain Afire by Finijo

I shot this after going through the sculpture garden in front of the Museum of Fine Arts. I had a nice walk from the museum to the fountains and I think it may be a more beautiful view at night than it is in the daylight.
Pale Horse by Finijo

I love the way this statue looked when I photographed it - so ghostly. The statue is made of drift wood and it is located at one of the rear entrances of the Museum of Fine Arts.
Mossy Jesus by Finijo
They say moss doesn't grow on a rolling stone - so maybe Jesus needs to shake things up a bit... This was taken at the Methodist Church near the MFA. Poor Jesus is missing some fingers.
Robobowler by Finijo
These next shots are from our bowling fun with Dad. Dad sports quite an impressive array of machinery when he bowls. I don't know if it is to help him bowl or to intimidate the other team.
Roboarm by Finijo
Dad has on a gel brace for his elbow pain, an ace bandage, a rubber finger tip, tape on one finger and last but not least - The Mongoose. Yes, the black brace is called The Mongoose. I think it's appropriate.
Four Balls by Finijo
This is how we started out our game, but by the end, we had about 6 balls lined up. Dad likes to have choices while on the lanes. I don't think I mentioned it before, but of course, Dad wiped the floor with us. I did manage to get a 123 and a 156...not bad scores when I wasn't expecting to break a hundred.

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