Jun 10, 2008

Hot In The Heights

Banana Sky by Finijo

I went to meet a client in The Heights today and there were a lot of interesting sites to be seen. Starting at the 11th St. Cafe, I found these bananas. I think bananas are one of the most strange looking plants I've seen. The flower is a little vulgar (OK a lot vulgar) and the whole tree is so oddly symmetrical when it fruits, it's beautiful to me.
Flag Fence by Finijo
I found this fence on Studemont in The Heights. The Olympic flag reads Beijing 08. I like the funkiness of The Heights. It reminds me of Austin, and the Montrose area, as well.
Finale House by Finijo
This house may be too much for even New Orleans' French Quarter. I don't think I have seen another house with more ornamentation than this one has. WOW!!

Grand Finale by Finijo
This house is completely over the top, but this statue is absolutely spectacular. It's like the gigantic cherry on the top of one of those cakes that the lady jumps out of in old TV shows. As a matter of fact, I think that's the lady in the cake.

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