Jun 28, 2008

Buddhist Temple

Pure Land Window by Finijo

I took this photo from inside of the Buddhist temple I visited somewhere near Tomball, Texas. I have to be honest, because of my lousy sense of direction, I am not sure what the name of the Temple is or exactly where it is. I would never have found it, if I had not been given explicit directions each step of the way. I didn't even get off any exterior shots, because the sky opened up in a major thunder storm before I got the chance.
Temple Interior by Switters
This is what the inside of the temple looked like. It is ornate and quite simple at the same time. The type of Buddhism practiced here is called Pure Land and it is a type of Mahayana Buddhism. The exterior of the building is not ornate, but the grounds are full of statues and the interior has a huge alter and many objects of worship.
Amitabha by Finijo
We were greeted by a female monk when we arrived and she called the master on her cell phone to ask what to do with us, because she did not speak English. I talked briefly to him and when he was satisfied that we were there to learn, he gave her instructions. She allowed us to take pictures inside the temple, and she gave us books to take with us to learn more about their practice. I was impressed by their sense of openness and hospitality, and in spite of the distance, I am really glad I made the trip. This was a really nice surprise of an adventure.

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