Oct 2, 2005


Flightplan Posted by Picasa

Marilyn, Connor, and I saw Flightplan last weekend, but just now got around to writing about it. The film was suspenseful and even haunting in parts, but the ending was trite - both the dialogue and the visuals. The snowy footage shot in Germany was beautiful, but not so beautiful that it's worth paying full price at a theater to see the film. As always, Jodie Foster gives a riveting performance as she plays every emotion a distressed mother could possibly feel across her face to perfection. In fact, her acting is the highlight of the film. The writing on the other hand, is less than stellar. I think of Flightplan as "Panic Room at 30,000 feet." Flightplan looks like the commercial film a movie star does, in exchange for the opportunity to make a film they really want to do. This one is definitely a rental.

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