Oct 7, 2005

Congratulations Connor!

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Report cards are in and for the first time in a year, Connor earned TV, Gameboy, and computer internet time. He gets an hour a week for every A, 30 minutes for every B, 15 minutes for every C, nothing for every D, and he loses an hour for every F. He actually ended up owing us time for the last year, which we collected by giving him extra study work. He has gone from owing us time to earning a whopping 5 hours a week! His amazing accomplishment included 4-A's, 1-B, and yes - even 2-D's. We are so thrilled that we gave him 30 minutes for the "P" he got in a pass/fail class (he'll get an hour for it in the future, if he can bring up the D's). He is proud of himself, and rightly so since he had abysmal grades at mid-term. If he can keep up the good work and bring up the D's, he has the possibility of getting a PSP for Christmas. Cross your fingers for him.

Connor joined the chess team as school and he has his first chess tournament tomorrow. He has a geek chic uniform that includes a white long sleeved t-shirt and a red sweater vest. It's adorable! Stay tuned for chess tournament results tomorrow.

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