Aug 4, 2005

Shawinka Update

Shawinka Young Posted by Picasa

Shawinka Old Posted by Picasa

For anyone who's wondering, Shawinka is alive and almost well. My glamorous science experiment is coming to an end. She is aging as gracefully as a 3 month old tuber who has been dolled up and pierced can - (see the post from 06/16/05, if you don't know what I'm talking about).

My coworker, Becky, got a new (and better paying) job. As Becky's last day is tomorrow, she gave me custody of Shawinka today. Shawinka still has absolutely no odor at all, but she is spongier than ever. She is starting to feel almost human, which is pretty creepy for a spud. I did find a particularly gushy spot on her bottom (under her chin), and I have a feeling that I may come in Monday and find she has sprung a leak. I think I need to send her on a farewell cruise via the City of Houston Royal Maintenance Line.


da7id said...

almost human..... that is messed up. we shall wish her well on her voyage if she leaves though!

finijo said...

OOPS! I got busy at work today and forgot to send her on a bon voyage. I hope they don't turn off the A/C over the weekend, or it could turn ugly sooner than I expected.

Anonymous said...