Aug 11, 2005

Dizzy, Like a Fox

Dizzy by Finijo Posted by Hello
I got a call today from a coworker, who is a good friend of mine, and we also went through our master's programs together. She told me that she spoke to "my future supervisor," who apparently was also a coworker of mine until two weeks ago, but I didn't know him. Clarified, what I mean is that he worked in another field office for several years and if I met him, I don't remember him.

My future supervisor asked her, "Did West tell you she got the job at the VA?" Wha? I don't even know that I got the job at the VA, but apparently word is getting out via the grapevine that I am hired. Unfortunately, none of this is concrete or official, so I am still just hanging here by the thread of what is left of my sanity and sense of humor.

My current employment/hire situation now ranks as the weirdest work situation I have ever been in. That is an impressive feat since I have not only a widely varied, but admittedly odd work history. I am living out an absurdist joke, just waiting for the punch line.

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Marilyn said...

This definitely falls under cruel and unusual punishment. You must have been very very bad in a previous life.

I will however cross everything (except that little flipper toe..I cannot even move that thing at will)