Oct 30, 2010

London - Day 1

Sunrise Over London by Finijo

I arrived at Heathrow as the sun came up. After 18 long hours, I finally reached my destination via Calgary. Even though it was a long trip, I enjoyed every bit of it thoroughly. From the five hours spent in the Calgary airport, to the in flight movies, to my seat next to the toilet on the plane. Every minute of my trip was an adventure. London Ghosts by Finijo
From Heathrow, I took the Underground Picadilly Line to Russell Square, I walked a couple of blocks to my hotel, the Tavistock in Bloomsbury. It was the perfect location, near the British Museum and everything seemed to be just a quick bus/metro ride or walk from Tavistock Square. After a brisk walk on my first crisp night in London, Andy and I had a lovely dinner at Cosmoba.

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