Sep 4, 2010

Street Art - Ack and Weah

Weah at Dusk (and Sober?) by Finijo

I got out and took some shots of street art around Montrose and on Almeda Rd. at X L Parts. I love that building because it is covered with a variety of artists' work. There are at least 10 artists who have adorned this building with their talent.
Ack! at Dusk by Finijo

I love the colors and it is especially vibrant at dusk and dawn. The trick is getting the shot before the sun goes down. Ack's work is distinct, colorful, and full of humor. Once you are introduced to his characters, you will always recognize a work by Ack. Documenting street art in Houston is one of my favorite things to do - seriously. There is so much happening all the time.
Two Against One by Finijo
If you open your eyes and really look at Houston, you will see that there is an incredibly vibrant art movement afoot. I am always disappointed when people say, "Yeah, I kind of saw it, but I didn't really look at it," when I am describing a new piece I have come across.

Weah's Fire Breather by Finijo
This piece by Weah (like most of his work) is a wonderfully complex figure comprised of organic and geometric shapes. I can see both an Asian and the Aztec influence and it is positively stunning to me.
Weah vs. Ack by Finijo
It's overexposed, but you can see the full work here. Where else do you find a collaborative piece in such disparate styles? I think the juxtaposition of work by these two artists is a wonderful visual analogy of Houston. There is beauty and humor in the mix and I feel very lucky to be in Houston while the artistic energy is flowing so freely. I can't imagine what Houston would be like if it stops.

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