Aug 4, 2010

The Austin Motel

Polkadot Surprise Room 145 by Finijo

We stayed at the Austin Motel when we came to Austin for the Crowded House show at Stubbs. It is truly a funky and strange hotel. Each room is different and each one has a theme. We stayed in the Polkadot Surprise room with wall paper from 1969. The beds had odd turquoise chenille bed spreads and there were multicolored dingle berries on the terry cloth rugs at the foot of each bed.

Yellow Flowers by Finijo

There was original art in the room that was surely purchased at a yard sale or second hand shop, but it added to the, ahem...ambiance. Each and every room is different and spectacularly kitsch. We were relieved to find that the beds were comfortable and welcome after sweating ourselves silly at Stubbs.
Polkadot Bathroom by Finijo

The bathroom is very old fashioned and the towels are the opposite of luxurious, but we truly enjoyed it. The whole place as a very Austin feel to it. Eclectic and leaning towards hippie-esque. You start to get the vibe when you enter the office to check in and smell incense as you peruse the collection of chachkies and odd collectibles that serve as interior design.
Blue Impressionism by Finijo
Marilyn and I both agreed that we would reframe the art in the room and hang it. This painting was the hands down favorite. No telling who the artist is, but we would like to thank him/her for making us smile. The motel set the mood for our visit to Austin and at $100.00 even (they do not accept discounts), we feel like we got our money's worth.
Painted Wood by Finijo
Notice the painted wood dresser and desk resting on the saltillo tile. While you are at it, don't miss the TV from the 1990's and the polkadot tin can trash can. We would definitely stay at the Austin Motel again in the future, but we are thinking that we will spring for one of the suites that overlook the hotel pool next time. Very cool vibe and very nice employees - we enjoyed our stay here.

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