Aug 21, 2010

Mixed Media Workshop

Falling In Love With Someone by Finijo

I went to the Mixed Media Workshop at Mariposa Studio this afternoon and the photo above shows what I churned out in about 2 hours. I enjoyed the workshop and Jodie and David Gonzales inspire creativity. Lately, I have been having trouble initiating projects at home, but going to the workshops at Mariposa seems to have jump started my creative juices. I hope some of you decide to join me at Mariposa, because the experience is great for beginners and experienced artists alike. The next workshop is another Chagall and Chardonnay, this Thursday, August 26th.

The piece includes silk flowers, scrap book paper, silver leaf, circuitry from a defunct keyboard, produce netting, a bug trapped in wax from Hurricane Ike, and bees wax.

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