Aug 5, 2010

Crowded House Show

This is video that I shot of Neil Finn singing Private Universe at the fantastic Crowded House show at Stubbs in Austin, Texas. Marilyn and I got to meet Neil Finn and even got a photo with him. Then we got to see the band in action and were enthralled with the show. This was Marilyn's first time seeing them live, but I was lucky enough to see them in 1991 when they played Houston. We braved the heat of a sultry August night in Austin and sweat buckets for the wonderful experience of seeing Neil Finn and Crowded House. I would do it again, given the chance.

Neil Finn has been the source of tears twice in my life. The first was on my 16th birthday when I wept silently on an air plane as I was headed to Little Rock to see family and lamented the fact that I would miss the Split Enz show at Numbers that night. The second time I cried was 1996 when I was freshly out of the hospital after being diagnosed with Lupus and heard the news that Crowded House had disbanded. It just made me very sad to think that I would not have the opportunity to see them live again. They were so very good during this show that I was nothing but a grinning fool from the moment we snapped the photo with Neil Finn till I fell asleep that night back at the hotel room.

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