Jan 5, 2010

Yori Yori

Yori Yori by Long T.

I usually think to take pictures wherever I go, but for some reason it slipped my mind when I went to Yori Yori, a Korean cafe in food court of the Super H Mart. I got lucky and Long T. gave me permission to use his photos. I have no basis to judge this restaurant, because it was my first taste of Korean food, but the reviews I read on line list this little eatery as being "authentic."
Pork Bulgogi with Kimchee by Long T.
I got the pork bulgogi, which came with white rice and the self-serve kim chee. The meal was more than filling and the kim chee was a very nice surprise, because it included not only the cabbage variety, but also bean sprout kim chee and a tasty spicy potato dish, as well. Bulgogi looked like it should be a spicy dish, but instead it was rather sweet. I think I would like to try another Korean restaurant so I will have something to compare it to, but for being in a food court, the food was pretty good, although it was a little greasy for my taste.

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