Jan 2, 2010


Ramune Marble by Finijo

This is a macro of the marble that is found in Ramune (there is an accent over the e), a carbonated beverage from Japan. The marble doesn't seem to block the flow of liquid, nor does it come out, unless you break the bottle. The bottle has indentations that look like eyes and the marble settles between them like a nose. I was told that it tastes something like sprite. Wikipedia has a brief article about it here.

Ramune by Finijo

I also found while researching the product that people collect the marbles and one woman was selling jewelry made from the marbles on line. The drink is available in the US at Japanese restaurants and grocery stores. I was introduced to the drink at Kubo's - a sushi cafe on Corporate between Bellaire Blvd. and Harwin. Mrs. Foster, who is Japanese, recommends Kubo's because the food is authentic, cheap, and delicious. I am a fan now, too.


Mike said...

Oh I want to try this drink and the tea that comes with the marble sized balls of tapioca. The give you an extra wide straw. I think a location is coming to Houston soon.

finijo said...

Marble sized balls of tapioca and an extra wide straw? That is fantastic - count me in!