Nov 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving City Hall by Finijo

Marilyn and I started Thanksgiving in a misguided attempt to be helpful. We went to City Hall to help feed the homeless, but quickly found out when we got our volunteer numbers (2738 and 2739) that the volunteers outnumbered the people eating. I guess with the economy in such bad shape it made people want to be more helpful than usual this Thanksgiving. We mostly stood around looking for things to do. Finally, we took some trash bags out of the trash cans and went around table to table collecting trash after people finished eating. Quickly, other people got the same idea and we ended up competing with others to clear what little trash was being generated. We left after about an hour, because it just seemed pointless.
The lawn was strewn with volunteers just sitting around waiting for something to do. I think the organizers should have put a schedule up on line so people could sign up to be there at specific times and so they could gauge the turnout better. Maybe next year they will be more organized.
City Hall Tree by Finijo
We went to Mom and Dad's after we finished up our volunteer duties and had a really nice afternoon with them and cooked a light Thanksgiving dinner. It was a nice change of pace from the usual Thanksgiving day food overkill. Thank you Mom and Dad for a very good end to what started out as a bit of frustrating day.

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