Nov 2, 2008

San Antonio Trip

Riverwalk Lamp by Finijo

San Antonio was a lot of fun. It was a quick trip just about 24 hours, but we packed a lot into that short time. We ended the trip with dinner at La Margarita's and a walk down the Riverwalk. It was a surprise to us that the Riverwalk is undergoing renovations, so we actually reached a point that we couldn't go forward and had to go back. Hopefully, they will finish the work before Summer.
Demon Trolley Ride by Finijo
Instead of walking back, we took a trolley bus and it was like taking the bus on in Harry Potter. The driver had been on the cell phone before we took off, and she seemed a little pissed off when she started driving and careening through the streets of downtown San Antonio. The only people on the bus were us and an elderly couple, who seemed like they had seen a lot in their time together and they were alright with each other and the world. They were unflappable in the face of our demented demon driver.
I have better shots (clearer) of the trolley, but this one looks the way it felt to be thrown around in the back of that bus while the driver worked out her aggression on the streets of San Antonio.

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