Nov 8, 2008


Modesty by Benjamin Shiff Posted by Picasa

I held on to this image for a very long time and couldn't find the right story to post it with. I finally decided I needed to just post it on it's own merits with a poem from one of my favorite poets, Rod McKuen.


The afternoon shadows
gather as the day goes home.
And now the in-between time
before the night
after the day.

Above the gray harbor
the city sits on white houses
waiting for the happenings
and all the boats are in.

A wind is coming up
and we'll be warmer by ourselves at home.
I cannot look at you
reflected in the glass behind this bar
much longer.

I want to be alone with you,
I want my thighs to speak your name
so softly only you can hear.

This place was mad
for those who still play hide-and-seek
we're home free.

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