Dec 15, 2007


On the way home today I saw a name on the back of a work truck and fell out laughing. I couldn't believe that anyone would put Putzmeister on their truck, or worse yet, call their company by that name. It turns out that Putzmeister is a global company that specializes in concrete pumps. Who knew? It may be a surname, but I would change it or at least call my company by another name. When defined, it is pretty funny.

Putzmeister defined:

putz (American Jewish), jerk, fool, simpleton (vulg. penis)

meister -suff.-One who is renowned for, has expertise in, or is a connoisseur of: schlockmeister; spinmeister. [German, from Meister, master; see Meistersinger.]

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Anonymous said...

Actually the German translation of putz means plaster, so it makes sense.