Dec 30, 2007

Hell's Closet

This is a picture of our bathroom closet when we first moved in almost a year and a half ago. It was dark, creepy and ugly, but the pressboard cedar smelled good and it was dry.

This is what our closet now looks like after a leak from one of the badly done DIY jobs of the previous owner caused water damage and mold. The job that originally looked like it was going to cost about $350.00 to fix is now bid at about $1300.00 total. We are looking for bids to see if it can be done cheaper.

This was midway through the demo, which took about 2 hours and cost $225.00. Yes we could have done it ourselves, but we wouldn't have. Tonight I am sneezing up a storm from all of the dust that this job kicked up, and I mostly stayed in my room with the door closed while it was going on. I can't imagine if I had torn up the closet myself.

This is the debris from the closet, which is now mostly in our overflowing trash can and also in several large garbage bags and some of it is just stacked under the car port waiting for heavy trash day - the fourth Tuesday of the month. So we officially have the trashiest house on the block now. YAY!

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