Dec 14, 2005

Light and Dark

Shadows in the Light by Sammi Martin Posted by Picasa

I really like this painting and feel it is pretty appropriate since I have been doing a bit of a balancing act between the shadows and light lately. I think the light has won out - as much as it can in my case, and I am going to try to get back to the business of writing again. My new job is more draining than I anticipated it would be, and working with a case load comprised solely of people who are struggling with severe mental illness has left me a little empty at the end of the day. I have always worked with this population on a more limited basis, but now every person I am dealing with is coming from a pretty dark place and that can invade you if you aren't prepared. I don't think I was really prepared, but next week will mark my third month on the job and I think I am finally able to get back into some of my old routines. Blogging will be a nice release of tension, now that my energy level is getting back to normal.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh. Good to see you back. :)