Dec 25, 2005

Christmas Day Triumphant

Connor Plays PSP by Nana Posted by Picasa

Christmas was spent with Mom and Dad at their house. Unfortunately, they were both sick, so I don't think it was very enjoyable for them. Connor had a wonderful Christmas morning, because his hard work in school paid off for him. He kept his end of the bargain by keeping his grades up, so we came through with his heart's desire, a Sony PSP and some games.

Connor's First Watch by Nana Posted by Picasa

He also got his first grown up watch, which turned out to be poorly designed, so it actually hurts him to wear it. We will will come up with a suitable replacement as soon as possible. This was the first year he expressed excitement at getting clothing, especially the "cool" clothes he gets from Caryn. He is really growing up.

We got word that Steve asked his wonderful girlfriend, Gina, to marry him. She said yes, so we are going to be aunts-in-law. In spite of illness, Christmas was quite lovely this year. Thank you to Mom, Dad, Marilyn and Connor, I enjoy you all.

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