Dec 22, 2005

Christmas Card Extremes

This Christmas I received the widest variety of Christmas cards. Every one of them reflects the personality of the sender perfectly.

This one is from Ang and Eric and features their daughters' extreme Christmas cuteness.

Mike and Bill sent this example of extreme Christmas understatement.

My friend Kelly sent out her extreme vacation Christmas Card - she went to Peru this year.


Mike said...

You did get some cool cards. We got a lot this year too. The sad part is that a majority of ours were from places like our doctors, banks and assorted other non-relative/friends. How messed up is that?!?
It still didn't keep us from proudly displaying them on the piano with the other "real" cards. In fact, once they sat there long enough I was able to forget where they came from and began letting myself think "dang we are popular".

finijo said...

When I was working in my last job, all of the counselors got tons of cards from vendors and we all dutifully posted them on our doors like some kind of lame popularity contest. It was also the most expedient way to deal with decorating for Christmas at the office. This year I didn't do one single thing to decorate at work. It was kind of a relief.