Nov 3, 2005

Office Decorating

File Cabinets Covered by Finijo Posted by Picasa

In my never ending quest to turn my office into something I can live with (see post dated 09/12/05), I took two hideous, putty gray filing cabinets and turned them into visions in rose.

File Cabinets Side View by Finijo Posted by Picasa

Eight bucks worth of contact paper combined with about 90 minutes worth of work, and the rusting hulks became quite feminine.

File Cabinet Mardi Gras by Finijo Posted by Picasa

I bought a plant and a runner to break up the rose pattern, and tonight I found a great orange ceramic pot for the plant. I still have some work to do, but I am closer to feeling like my office is worthy of 40 hours of my week. Mundane, to be sure, but the view from my desk is more pleasant, and that makes me content.

Office View by Finijo Posted by Picasa

I've started on the back of the office, but I need to finish up the wall behind me. If I'm lucky, I can scavenge a coat rack and a small book case in the coming weeks, and I have my eye on a newer chair, too ; )

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