Nov 5, 2005

Mirror Mask and Serenity

The last two movies I have seen in the theater were GREAT!


Mirror Mask is a fantasy film told as the dream of Helena, a teenage girl. Her mother and father run a small, debt ridden circus while Helena draws incessantly and dreams of leaving circus life behind her. After arguing with her mother about her desire to leave the circus, Helena's mother is hospitalized in grave condition. The night before her mother is to have surgery, Helena dreams the most fantastic fable. The movie is unique because the story is told through live action, computer imagaing and the artwork of David McKean. Mirror Mask is an fun story, artfully told and I think it is great for families or anyone interested in something off the beaten path.

Serenity is the brain/love child of Joss Whedon, and the best sci-fi film I have seen in a very long time. Out of the ashes of the cancelled television series Firefly, the characters in Serenity were resurrected by Joss Whedon and the loyal fans who refused to take the cancellation of the series lying down. Serenity tells the tale of Captain Malcom Reynolds, his loyal crew, and the mysterious passengers on his ship. The film has the sensibility of the first Star Wars film, and Nathan Fillion brings to mind a young Harrison Ford in the role of Hans Solo. There are bad guys in the form of Alliance soldiers, a brutal assassin, and the gruesome and frightening Reevers. Whedon fuses the Old West and Asian themes into futuristic worlds, and it all works perfectly. The audience roots for the good guys, gets the jokes and enjoys the soundtrack. In short, Serenity is what a film is supposed to be - entertaining from beginning to end.

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