Nov 1, 2005

Halloween 2005

Connor and Alex by Finijo Posted by Picasa

Halloween was a little bit different this year. It's the first year we didn't take Connor trick or treating. He got a better offer from his friend Alex and his mother. So we me Mom and Dad for a great Chinese dinner at Hunan's and the boys came back with a major haul of candy and loot. This is the first Halloween that I have seen money taped to candy. I've known people to throw change in a baggy and tie it off with some black and orange ribbon, but Connor actually had a $1.25 attached to one candy bar, $00.35 attached to another candy bar, and $00.15 attached to yet a third candy bar. It was nice, but it made me suspect the candy as being tainted. Free candy is one thing, but free candy with cash included is just too good to be true!

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