May 15, 2005

Art Rage

Confetti by Finijo Posted by Hello

Marilyn brought home the May 2005 issue of Computer Shopper magazine and it included a CD with 50 free downloads. The painting above was my trial run using Art Rage, and the painting below was my second. I really enjoyed figuring out what would happen when I used different applications. Art Rage is a great program that allows you to paint and draw using your computer and mouse. It has a wide range of colors and several art mediums to choose from, including: oil, pencil, pen and ink, felt tip, and chalk. There are also several types of canvas to choose from, to give different textures to your art. It's a cool outlet for your creativity, because it's quick (immediate gratification is a good thing sometimes) and it's clean (no messy paints and brushes to clean up). The only problem I had while using Art Rage, is that my mouse doesn't allow me enough fine motor control to draw straight lines. In spite of that, I think this is a terriffic program.

Billowing Red by Finijo Posted by Hello

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