May 4, 2005

7 Faces of Dr. Lau, Three Blind Mice, and Closer

We've lost track of what week we're on with Netflix, so our most recent Netflix views were:

7 Faces of Dr. Lau is an MGM film released in 1964, the kind of movie they just don't make anymore. It's a fantasy film about an ancient, Chinese and wise man, Dr. Lao (played by Tony Randall), who saves a town and it's people from corruption. Dr. Lao brings his magical circus to the western town of Abalone, Arizona ca. 1910 and shows the townspeople what is really important in life. It is a little dark in places and Barbara Eden (the town librarian) as a steamy encounter with Pan (John Ericson), but it is still a film the whole family can watch and it ends happily in typical MGM style.

This DVD has few extras, but it does include the theatrical trailer and some documentary footage of William Tuttle, the make-up artist responsible for turning Tony Randall into Dr. Lao, The Abominable Snowman, Medusa, Merlin, Apollonius of Tyana, and Pan for
The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao. Tuttle was the head of the MGM Make-up Department, and in the mini-documentary he demonstrates how to make facial masks, used as bases for character make-up.

The whole world is a circus if you know how to look at it. Dr. Lao

Three Blind Mice is a film about internet crimes. It stars Edward Furlong and the British actress Emilia Fox. I liked this film and thought that the plot was unique and intelligent. The film holds your attention, especially if you are a technophile. I think this Three Blind Mice was underrated by most of the reviews I have seen. There are some plot twists that make it a bit confusing, but it all adds up in the ind. The graphic sex and violence make it a film that is inappropriate for kids.

Mike and I watched Closer last weekend and in spite of the great reviews it got, the film left us both cold. Closer stars Julia Roberts, Clive Owen, Jude Law, and Natalie Portman. The film is about four gorgeous, but ultimately empty people, and not one of the characters is someone that I would want as a friend (or even an acquaintance). The storyline is interesting up to a point, but it centers around betrayal and it moves incredibly slowly. I never need to see this one again.

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