Jun 15, 2015

New Profile

Station Museum Mandala by Finijo

I began my blog more than 10 years ago. It was a natural progression from paper journaling to a blog, but it was also rooted in my frustration with the election in 2004. Politics has turned my stomach a little more with each passing year, but I still blog about the minutiae of my life and at times the larger events in the world. Sometimes I still manage a book review or to blog about something that I just learned that seems pretty cool to me. My blog has changed in the past 11 years and I have changed some over that time, as well. 

When I started, I was a fledgling geek and the internet was just approaching it's adolescence and, as cynical as I can be, I had no way of predicting the revelations that would come to pass when Edward Snowden released thousands of NSA documents into the world. Reading my profile tonight, I realized that I can no longer say I would be first in line for the human modem. Of course, we are wireless now, but I would not trust that kind of tech in my body for any amount of money. I grew up during Watergate, graduated in 1984 (of course reading  and watching 1984) and on Logan's Run and West World, but it took government surveillance of our phone records to bring on a fairly mature case of The Conversation paranoia. This is my old profile quote.
When they perfect the human modem, I will be in line for the implant. Access to the internet makes me feel like I'm the smartest person alive - the internet being an extension of my own brain. There is nothing I can't access on the net. The key to the universe is Boolean. I enjoy words and art. Pictures painted with words are perfection, almost too beautiful to bear. When I can find time (and settle my mind), I draw, paint and make "stuff." I like to journal, tell stories, watch people, and laugh loud and hard.
I think I will just remove the first half until I can put some thought into what I want to say about myself and rewrite it.

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