Dec 8, 2014


Divebomber by Neil Finn

I listened to this song yesterday, because it fit my mood so well. The song is musically and lyrically haunting, and I love the layered instrumentation and the use of the airplane sounds. Dealing with the pending death of my aunt, this song seemed so fitting, but I was taken completely by surprise when he added the chords and lyrics from Hole in the River at the end of the piece. After two weeks of having a knot in my stomach and my throat, the dam burst and I sobbed. As crying always does, it helped me to feel lighter and it was cathartic. As much as I don't want to do it, and as much as it feels like it will never end when I am in the midst of it, the necessary evil of tears is cleansing. I am sad, but now I can breathe whole breathes again. 

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