Feb 2, 2013

Just Ink 2

Mandalascape by Finijo

Last night I had a great time at the Just Ink 2 show. I didn't sell a thing, but the atmosphere was buzzing, and the art was inspiring. So much creativity in one room, and at the risk of sounding like a New Age dork, so much positive energy from all of the artists and the people who were there to see and buy art. I had a very late dinner with my East End Studio Gallery peeps and enjoyed laughter and good company and conversation.

This morning, I went outside to feed the birds a bag of outdated corn tortillas and the weather was so perfect that I took a barefoot stroll through my yard to see what survived the winter. My fig tree is still chugging along as is my pomelo tree and I expect to have them fruiting nicely in about 2-4 years. On the other side of the yard my orange tree has rallied and my lime tree is going strong, but I think my lemon tree has given up. I will have to replace it this spring. While checking my lemon tree, I noticed a fresh harvest of pecans had blown into my yard from my neighbors huge pecan tree, so I filled the bag that held the tortillas in and came back in with about 5 lbs. of wonderful, fresh and free pecans. 

 Today I will create.  

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