Sep 27, 2009

Carlos Runcie-Tanaka: FRAGMENTO

CARLOS RUNCIE TANAKA, Tiempo detenido / No Olvidar, 1997-2006 (photo by finijo)

I went to see the Carlos Runcie-Tanaka exhibit, Fragmento, at The Station Museum of Contemporary Art with Saibe today. The morning started with breakfast at Tacos-a- Go-Go and editing one of his stories. This exhibit is different from the others I have seen at The Station Museum, in that it was serene. Beautiful Asian music played and the installations had a calming effect when viewed. The funereal scene (shown above) caused a reverential feeling, like what I was viewing was sacred.
CARLOS RUNCIE TANAKA, Huayco / Kawa / Río, 2003-2006 (photo by Finijo)

The ceramic balls shown above brought to mind a Japanese Zen garden of sand and stones. Walking among the ceramic balls, the sense of tranquility was visceral. The lighting was perfect and the music only enhanced the feeling.
CARLOS RUNCIE TANAKA, Manto, 1978-2006 (photo by finijo)

According to the Station Museum website:
Carlos Runcie-Tanaka is an artist with superb artistic skills, compelling visual
insights and a profoundly spiritual sense of mystery. He was born in Lima, Peru;
his heritage is Peruvian, Japanese and English. Lima is the multi-cultural
capital of Peru on the Pacific coast of South America. With over eight million
inhabitants, Peru’s demographic consists of Indigenous people, Europeans,
Americans and Afro-Peruvians.

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