Nov 8, 2004

Freaky Church Pictures

Vinnie Floating with Kids Posted by Hello

My friend, Mike, posted this comment to my picture, Hell's Window:

I agree that the window is pretty creepy. However, the statue just around the corner from the window is equally as disturbing to me. The robed figure seems to levitate about four feet off the ground under its own supernatural power. Whenever I drive by, it's all I can do to keep my eyes on the road and not on that statue. I know its there waiting to give me another fright, but I can't help and sneak a peek at it each time I pass by.

I just happened to have a picture of the freaky floating statue he was talking about. It is St. Vincent de Paul with children and I thought it was one of the more interesting features of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church when I took the picture a couple of years ago. I took about 40 or so pictures of the church and it's various interesting features. Let me know what freaks you out about the church and I'll be happy to post it; )


Marilyn said...

Let me know what freaks you out about the church and I'll be happy to post it; )um... the droves of sheep drawn to it and clogging up our streets every Sunday and Wednesday?

finijo said...


Mike said...

I can't believe you had a picture of the statue. Imagine my surprise when just a day after I posted my comment about it, I returned to your blog only to be confronted with a vision of that thing. You really are freaking me out now. Good job Finijo.

finijo said...

I thought you'd like it - hehehe!