May 15, 2010

156 Gallon Rain Barrel (YAY!!!)

We finally bought a rain barrel - a purchase that has been on our minds for 4 years. I am really excited and can't wait for it to arrive.

I still want two more (smaller and more aesthetically pleasing) for the front of the house, but this is the largest one at a reasonable price we could find. I am very excited. It is collapsible, so if a hurricane comes, we can break it down. It is also 2 - 3 times the size of the rain barrels that I have previously found. I have the perfect place for it under a seam in our roof that turns into a waterfall whenever it rains. It also puts it in close proximity to our patio, which means easier access to water for our vegetables and herbs.

It feels like we are making strides in our efforts to be green. We still use our composter faithfully and I am amazed at how we keep putting food and organic debris into it (for 3 years now) and have never taken anything out of it, yet it still does not get full. The smell is self contained and the critters that live inside are content to live their life of ease and stay put, since they are regularly fed.

These are the specs on the Rain Barrel from the seller and you can find it on
Ebay for about $100.00 including shipping.

Going Green has never been so easy!

The 156 Gallon Collapsible Rain Water Barrel is a fantastic way to recycle naturally occurring rainwater for use with your lawn and garden. Place it beneath your downspout to collect water from your roof and gutters, and attach a hose to the bottom to distribute the freshly collected water at your leisure.

Product Features:

* Collapses for storage
* No tools required, assembles in minutes
* Economical and environmentally friendly
* 156 gallon capacity
* Zip open lid for dipping
* Heavy duty UV resistant vinyl
* Easy on-off dual tap spout for use with included clear 6 foot hose, or convert to use with a standard garden hose

Specifications :

* Weight:13 lbs
* Assembled Dimensions: 31.5" Diameter x 47 "H
* Includes
* 156 Gallon Collapsible Rain Barrel
* Carry Bag
* 6 foot clear hose

UPDATE 03/20/11 - I got rid of the rain barrel yesterday during yard maintenance. While it collects beautifully and never leaked a bit, it kept tipping over. My yard is not flat enough where I need it. I would recommend it for someone who is willing to level the ground before setting it up. I am now looking for a hard plastic model and think I will pick one up from Whole Foods for about $120.00.

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