Jan 31, 2008

Wonderful Memphis Trip

I went to Memphis to see Gina and Steve over the weekend. I had a really nice and relaxing trip. I tried to take pictures everywhere I went to document the visit. This is a shot of my handsome and intelligent nephew, Steve and his lovely - and possibly even more intelligent daughter, Ada.

This shot of talking busts of Elvis was taken at Graceland - which is well worth the cost, if you are up for a tour of one of the most kitsch homes in America. It was also a source of one of the two best quotes I heard at Graceland. The first was:

Man with mullet, to his 3 year old daughter: "Come here, Presley, and look at the Jungle Room." - I almost bit through my lip trying not to laugh out loud when I heard that.

The second quote:

Steve to me in the gift shop while looking at the talking busts of Elvis: "I'd buy one if the mouth opened." This comment resulted in me laughing out loud.

Steve and I went out for sushi and they had some really intersting art work. This is a sand painting of a dragon.

This final shot is of Elvis' bed at Graceland - the audio tour said he kept this bed in his dressing room at Graceland. Which tells me that Elvis got his kink on in his dressing room - nice mirrors. I have dubbed it the Abominable Snowman bed because it reminds me of the monster in Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.
I also went for my first massage and got a pedicure and a great tour of Steve's office and company - very impressive place. Mainly, I got the opportunity to bond with Ada and teach her some sign language while I was there. She is a smart little lady and I am missing her (and her parents) a lot. Thank you Gina and Steve for having me.

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