Mar 10, 2006

CB Jolley Art Show - Memphis

Steve and Gina took us to a unique art show on our first night in Memphis. The art and the venue were both quite novel. We had a lovely evening looking at and talking about art.

The artist, CB Jolley, was showing his art in a dentist office - Studio 32. If you click on the pictures, you can see the hors d'oeurves set up on the dental chair trays.

Mr. Jolley creates very intricate collages from pictures he has taken and his art is both digital and organic. His work is multi-layered and I can't imagine taking the time to cut and arrange all of the tiny pieces that make up so much of his work.
This is a painting he did when he was working in that medium. Connor pointed out to me that you can see the blood on the shirt of the horseman. That kid loves anything that's gory.
It seems inconsequential, but I really like the way the frames are so well coordinated with the art work. This frame is a gold leaf, but the underlying color is a beautiful rose.

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