Mar 15, 2005

The Committments

Last Saturday evening, we went to Caryn and Matt's for movie night and watched The Commitments and I loved it as much or more than the first time I saw it in 1991. The music is fantastic and the film is well written and acted. Some may have trouble with the Irish accents, but but the dialogue is so funny that it's worth a rewind for the parts that aren't clear.

I looked up all of the characters on the IMDB and was really surprised to find that many of the talented cast members never worked in movies again after The Commitments. Several of the cast members tour in a band called, you guessed it, The Commitments. One of the female leads, Maria Doyle Kennedy, has a solo singing career, and the lead singer Decko, played by Andrew Strong also scored a solo career and now sells his music from his website. Glen Hansgard, the red-headed guitar player has a band called The Frames. The shock for me was that the actor who played Jimmy Rabbitt, Jr. seems to have fallen off the radar, no movies, no TV, no website and no band. I don't get it, he was great.

We've got this movie on VHS and decided after this viewing that we need to go ahead and upgrade to DVD - this film is a classic and the music is GREAT!

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